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Driven by passion and over 30 years of experience, our team makes its expertise and professional skills available for the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, life science, cosmetics, fine chemical and food and dairy industries.

As a process contractor, we have but one mission: to improve your production process in terms of quality, efficiency and flow. We make the difference every step of the way, from engineering, project supervision and installation, through to validation and maintenance.

30 years of experience

We have added experience in energy efficiency and, product recovery with pigging systems, in order to allow you to reduce costs and to comply with the environmental requirements.
Our corporate philosophy is to strive on a daily basis to be experts in high-purity flow systems with emphasis placed on entering into unique, long-term relationships with our customers and gaining selection as their preferred supplier.

This can only be achieved by building a committed and flexible relationship with our customers.
Your specific requirements always come first at Hyline. This enables us to work together to seek the best possible solutions.

Our challenge: our customer’s processes

The challenge that we face every single day is to ensure that your project is successful!

Alongside other Clemessy business units, we can step in on general contractor projects, where we combine our piping and automation with building construction, interior works, industrial electricity, access control, camera surveillance, air treatment, steel constructions, utility piping, chemical cleaning, industrial analysis & metrology, thermographic and vibration analysis.

Since 2011, Hyline has been supporting you in France through its new company Hyline France, geared to clean utilities and manufacturing processes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food processing, fine chemicals and biotechnology markets.

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